Capital Project 2008-2011

Artists’ Resource Center and Art Garden

Seven years of determined efforts on the part of the foundation president culminated in 2005 in the purchase of her house in the city of Seattle’s hot real estate market thus providing the Foundation with a very supportive environment within which it can now pursue its long term goals. The 1910 Folk Victorian is located in the South Park neighborhood which embraces an up and coming artists’ community evidenced by local murals and sculptures as well as Marra Farm gardens and the new public library, The house itself is about1400 square feet, including the basement, and is on a large lot.

Since 2006, the house has been undergoing a complete restoration and upgrade both inside and out. The interior has already been gutted to the studs and new insulation, electrical, plumbing, and heating systems installed. Finish work on the interior has begun with new drywall throughout the house. All work is up to current City of Seattle building codes, with care being taken to build with a green focus, as possible.

Our ultimate goal is to create an Artist’s Resource Center in the 720 square foot basement, and by doing so, reach back to our cooperative roots of a physical setting to support artistic creativity, as well as an artist-in-residence dwelling, while also continuing to support the arts via sponsorship.

The Center will be a space for artists to produce and preserve community based
art works and conduct educational art programs.

Our plans are for the self-contained Artists Resource Center to be designed with
an open floor plan including a small kitchen, bathroom, and an office area with a small
reference library. A light table in the large work area will serve for assembling and
finishing artworks. The open space will be ample for small lectures, meetings, art classes and public exhibitions. The office area will be equipped with a computer and high speed internet access for those artists needing multimedia assistance on their projects.

The Pelican Bay Foundation’s Art Garden will take full advantage of the 6000
square foot lot as an intimate environment for experiencing the beauty of art in nature.
The outdoor art gallery will be open to the public, and staying true to South Park’s
history as a farming community, the Art Garden will also incorporate an organic herb and vegetable garden.

Working in conjunction with Seattle Urban Farm Company, the Pelican Bay Foundation’s Art Garden will contribute to the community food share program. The Art Garden will provide a secure and sustainable food source in our own backyard.

The Pelican Bay Foundation is currently seeking volunteers and grant monies to
fund the completion of this project.

The Pelican Bay Foundation is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization, all donations are tax deductable.

Please send donations to:

Pelican Bay Foundation
516 South Donovan St.
Seattle, WA. 98108-4531
Federal tax ID# 51-0161508