The Poet's House

November 2013


It was a logistic dilemma from the start, "The Poet's House", that is. How to move a 1912 farmhand bunk house with a rotted out floor a 100 miles to Seattle in one piece. Tricky business and not for the faint of heart. The owner had listed the 12 ft. x 16ft. structure on Craigslist for the purchase price of $1000. A good deal but with the requirement, of course, that the new owner remove the little house at his or her expense.

Many people were interested, but soon found the cost to move the structure prohibitive. As would anyone working on a tight budget. It was a deal breaker for many.

Anne Hagen saw the ad on Craigslist and called the homeowner and Nickel Brothers and another house moving company immediately to get prices. Nickel Brothers said they had received several calls on the little bunk house out in Snohomish, Washington and were quite interested. Nickel Brothers gave an estimate of around $15,000 to move the house and on inspection said Anne's back fence would have to be taken down to allow a 50ft. trailer to maneuver a tight alley to get the small house into her backyard. Definitely not a workable solution. Helicopter or crane maybe, to lift the little house over the fence and onto a foundation? Well, probably not.

Anne got online again looking for an affordable house mover. She scoured Craigslist for hours until she ran across an ad for "Ty of Tacoma". After talking to Ty she knew she had found the right guy for the job. Ty had a small, low to the ground trailer and a forklift. And lots of experience moving large objects of all kinds. Perfect.

With a bid of $4000 Ty Taylor (PAC Rentals LLC.) headed out to Snohomish to secure and strap down the little house for transport. Not really a problem for a professional who made it all seem very doable all of a sudden. And the price was right too.

Two pilot cars escorted the little house along a round about way to South Seattle. On arrival Ty quickly switched his truck out for a forklift and gently guided the tiny dwelling safely down the tight alley and made a sharp right hand turn into Anne's backyard. Sweet.

About four weeks later the yard was excavated by Mike Swope & Co. and a small foundation was poured by the father and son team at JLW Construction out of Lynwood. Ty showed up with his rollers and tackle and rolled the little house gently onto her foundation, as she sits to this day. Solid as a rock and pretty as a peach.

Getting the small bunk house from Snohomish to South Seattle and on a foundation was just the first step in what turned out to be a three year project. With Anne Hagen's vision and the expertise of contractor Jason Leschinger "The Poet's House" became a reality.

A combination of the best of the old and the new.

Salvaged materials used to restore the interior include fir flooring, fir v-board, a 4 ft. Claw foot tub and Victorian corner sink, a Putnam Library ladder, antique Chaise lounge, antique door hardware and lighting fixtures and much more.

Reclaimed materials were sourced through Craigslist, eBay, Second Use and Earthwise in Seattle.

"The Poet's House" has all new electrical and plumbing throughout including radiant floor heat. Also the little house is fully equipped with wi-fi, security system and iPhone/iPad compatible devices such as a flat screen HD TV streaming Netflix and YouTube with Apple TV.

"The Poet's House" is a unique artist live/work space, 250 square feet with a sleeping loft and nestled in the heart of Seattle's southern urban farm region.