"Pelican Cove Cafe" 1979

Located at 602 19th Ave. East in the Pelican Bay Artists’ Co-Op Building in 1979, the Pelican Cove Cafe was an incredible, mostly non-edible, enticing, exciting display of cafe memorabilia, kitsch and original art presented in, and as, a cafe environment.

The Pelican Cove Cafe captured, as an art piece, and in a fresh and humorous manner, the feel of a favorite Mom and Pop coffee shop. The Pelican Cove was not a real restaurant it was something even better, a surreal restaurant.

The Cafe was the creation of three Seattle artists and their friends at the time. Don Bass, Alison Loris, and Nancy Hall are credited with the original concept.

*Taken in part from the Seattle Sun, "Let Them Eat Art", February 14, 1979



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