Rourke James Smith

Solo Performances


Street Performance, S.F., CA. "New Dimension".
Street Performance, S.F., CA. "The Philosopher".
Open Studio, S.F., CA. "Communique" 4 performances.
JFK University, Orinda, CA. "Magic Box of Self".

Performances with Frank Moore and Company 1987 - 1990


Gilman St. Project, Berkeley, CA--"The Frank Moore Experience".
455-10th St, S.F., CA--"Passion Underground".
Artists T.V. Access, S.F., CA--"Passion Underground".
A Private Studio, S.F., CA--"The Traveling Reality Show."
Julia Morgan Theater, Berkeley, CA--"Wrapping/Rocking" as part of "THE END OF AN ERROR".


Media Gallery, S.F., CA--"The Cave of the Bete Noir" as part of "SEX-A-RAMA".
Berkeley, CA--"Playing With Reality", a nine hr. private performance.
Rather Ripped Records/X-plicit, Berkeley, CA--"An Intimate Musical".
455-10th St., S.F., CA--"Journey to Lila".
Julia Morgan Theater, Berkeley, CA--"A Passion Musical".
Artists T.V. Access, S.F., CA--"Journey to Lila".
Cafe Milano, Berkeley, CA--A poetry reading.
Antioch University, S.F., CA--"Reality Games".
ESPACE DbD, Los Angeles, CA--"Journey to Lila".
Street Performance at The Lab, S.F., CA
EZTV, Los Angeles, CA--"Journey to Lila", 2 nights.
Ft. Mason Ctr., S.F., CA--"Wrapping/Rocking" as part of National Poetry Week's Performance Poetry Bash.
Berkeley Square, Berkeley, CA--"Outrageous Horror Show".
Berkeley, CA--"Playing With Reality", a 24-hr. private performance.


Northwest Artists Workshop, Portland, OR--"InnerTraveling", two nights.
Squid Row, Seattle, WA--"F.M.'s Outrageous Horror Show".
Al's Bar, L.A., CA--"F.M.'s Outrageous Horror Show".
Ft. Mason Ctr., S.F.,CA--"Wrapping/Rocking" as part of the EROTIC BALL.
Berkeley Memorial Bldg., Berkeley, CA--"Wrapping/Rocking" as part of the MAY DAY FESTIVAL.
Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center, Buffalo, NY--"Journey to Lila".
Pyramid Art Center, Rochester, NY--"Journey to Lila".
Franklin Furnace, New York, NY--"Journey to Lila".
CBGB, New York, NY--"F.M.'s Outrageous Horror Show".
Ellis Island, Los Angeles, CA--"Journey to Lila".
Berkeley, CA--"Playing with Reality", a 24-hr. private performance.
S.F., CA--"The Outrageous Horror Show" as part of Charles Gatewood's Post-Modern Primitives.


FRANK MOORE'S CHERO COMPANY 1989 Franklin Furnance NYC, NY. (Left to right, back row) Rourke James Smith,

Alexi Malenky, Linda Mac, Mike Labash, (Front) Leigh Gates, Frank Moore.


Al's Bar LA. Chero Company, "Outrageous Horror Show" 1989



Walden performance space, Berkeley, CA--"Journey to Lila".

Walden School, Berkeley, CA. 1990


Solo Performances II


End Zone, S.F.,CA. "Circus of Dreams".
Crystal Pistol, Halloween Night, S.F.,CA. "Circus of Dreams".


Benefit Show, High Risk Group Performance Space, S.F.,CA. "Circus of Dreams,13th Hour".
Mission Metal Madness Festival, S.F.,CA. "Circus of Dreams, Jiffy Pop, She's a Lady".
High Risk Group Performance Space, S.F.,CA."Circus of Dreams,White Rabbit".


Street Performance, Seattle, WA. "Circus of Dreams, Bus Rider".


Video Performance, Seattle, WA. “13th Hour”.


Animals, Halloween Night, Seattle, WA. “Meat Act, Beginning of the End”


Video Performance, Seattle, WA. "Satyr, Psyhic Manifesto"

Installation, Seattle, WA. "What Have We Done?"








Zuccotti Park and revolution of mind

"People's Mic"

OWS#occupywallsteet N14 2011 A99